Thursday, 15 January 2015

About Me

So there are probably two ways that you may have stumbled across this blog. The first one being that you follow me on social media and know me best by my youtube channel, or you have just randomly found me, in which case, i am awfully grateful.
So name is Jess.

For over two years now (roughly) i have ran a youtube channel which underwent the names xJBeautyx and is now formally known as Jessica Alice. I would tell you exactly what my channel is about but it could take a while. Basically i do a mixture of videos between beauty and entertaining. I guess you could say i don't have a specific type of genre. But i feel like it is what makes my channel a little interesting.
This blog is basically going to be the exact same creation. 

I did originally have a previous blog which some of you may or may not remember called xJBeautyx. I can honestly say that blogging wasn't a strong point of mine. I think this was because i was so caught up in having to blog about exactly what everyone else was blogging about. At least in the 'beauty' community.
Thats why i decided to start this blog as a lifestyle blog. Not just one topic,but many. After all there is more than one thing I'm interested in.

So i am 21. A professional beauty therapist. A makeup lover. I like to call myself a comedic. An aspirer of more things than i could probably mention on here. 

I hope that you take the time out to follow me on my new journey as a blogger and i can only hope that this blog deems as successful as my ever growing video diary.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea (mines herbal) and read on. x

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