Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 Goals

So i am currently writing this post on the 26th of January, which means even though it is nearing the very end of the first month of 2015 i am still in the month. So writing about my new years goals isn't off limits just yet! (insert smirk)

So as you would presume, many of us start off the new year by talking about all the things we want to achieve. Eat healthy,lose weight,stay away from boys. (Especially that last one).
I never typically write new years resolutions anymore as i am crap at keeping them, as i think a lot of us are. However, this year, i wanted to make a lot better than last year. Don't get me wrong, my life is great. I have a job,an apartment which i can afford to live in by myself,friends,family,health. Its all pretty good, but that never stops us from wanting more.

Last year i spent a large part of the year wishing i was either doing something else or i was somewhere else. I don't like feeling like this. Who does? We all want to live happy and successful lives for the most part and who wants to be sitting there thinking, Is there more to life? Am i doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Should i be aiming to achieve higher?
The good news is, if your feeling this way it probably means you have something that certain other people don't have. Drive,passion and an ambition to live a fabulous life.

So i compiled a list of things that are important to me, and that i really want to achieve this year. So far i have already done one, which if your reading this blogpost you can probably already guess what it is. These aren't things that i am certain are going to happen or even that i am certain will bring me the fulfilment i want in life, but thats the thing about life. None of us are ever certain exactly what's going to happen, or whether where going to be successful in anything we try. Its all about trial and error and putting ourselves out there so that there is a 50/50 chance of making things happen, rather than a don't try at all and immediately fail outcome.

  • Move- So i'm single, 21 and can barely remember the last time i went somewhere new. I live in a relatively small beachy town. Its lovely, but its not the be all end all of my life. I want to experience living in a couple or few different places so i don't feel as though I've been in the same place my whole life. I also feel like i almost have no say in the matter of relocating, which moves me onto my next goal...
  • Leave my job/change careers- So if you're not aware i am a fully qualified beauty therapist at a day spa. Ive been a beauty therapist for less than 2 years. There are aspects of my job i really enjoy. The practical aspect,meeting new people. My day goes pretty quick, and i love that. But i know deep down (well, not even that deep) that this is not what i want to do forever. I enjoy my job, but id like to love my job. A possible career change into something else may be just the thing i need. Another reason for wanting to leave my current position is that the company that i work for isn't really me. I don't like my uniform, i don't like my job description. The company is one of those ride or die ones. Your either in it for the long run and want to excel or your basically not really needed. Where i live its super hard to find work due to lack of opportunity, so i see it either 2 ways. Stay, keep working here and hope another job comes up sooner rather than later. Or leave, relocate and find something else. I think ill go for the latter. 
  • Start making plans to work for myself- I have no idea how to do this. I don't want to freelance beauty therapy, but i also don't love working for someone else. I want to work my own hours, make my own income and be my own boss. I love youtube. If youtube could be my career right now i'd be handing in my resignation before even finishing this sentence. But its not, and may never happen, so i have to think realistically. I would love to do something along the lines of life coaching but who knows how much 'work' there is in that. We will see, and I'm sure something will come into my mind soon enough. Perhaps i could have my own jewellery line like HRH? Im pretty good with pliers!
  • Grow my youtube channel- Jessica Alice or previously known as xJBeautyx has been going strong for about 2 or so years now. Its grown a lot more than i could have imagined. I am almost at 3,000 subbies. But youtube is a big dream of mine and something i would like to make more permanent in the future so for now i just want to grow my channel as much as possible. A new camera and even more video ideas is in store for this year!
  • Travel-anywhere! I watch youtube videos so often of youtubers like me being able to travel all over for work. I have barely traveled and barely leave my own roots and this needs to change. I would love to go overseas but if that doesn't happen this year i would love to just go out of state, or keep it simple by going somewhere i have never been or haven't been in a while. When life gets boring and dull stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing another place I'm sure can make such a difference.
  • Start a lifestyle blog- I kept this one last, because as you can tell..tadah! We got through this one. I often have an idea for a topic that i want to talk about and express myself with, but i feel as though my channel isn't the right place for it, which is why i started Boldly Brunette. A place to talk about everything and anything and express my thoughts in words. I am really proud of this achievement so far and i hope you guys can join me on the journey and see where Boldly Brunette will go.
So that is life of 2015 in a nutshell. If i can come back here in January of 2016 and say i did at least 3 of these things i will be content. Lets make this year terrific! What are your resolutions or goals for this year? Leave them in the comments! And don't forget.... Life is a book, make your's a best seller!

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